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This is a space in which high tech and nature are harmonized.
Welcome to the Bucheon Techno Park, where we are preparing infrastructure for successful business.

The world economy is continuously changing into a knowledge based economy based on production, diffusion, distribution and utilization of knowledge and information.
Particularly, the production of knowledge and technical innovation are reproducing intellectual properties based on networks between regions or sectors, and this is recognized as key factor which decides the competitiveness of a nation.

Since the 1970s, every nation’s industrial policy has been focused on the construction of bases for technical innovation, concentrating on securing technical competitiveness through the construction of community-centered high technology industrial complexes.

We at Bucheon Techno Park will push ahead with our business plan for the development of Bucheon city regional industry as follows:

- Supporting the business activities of occupant and small businesses
- Constructing an internationally focused infrastructure which can offer the potential and geographical merits of Bucheon Techno Park
- Minimizing the burden of businesses through the construction of a large scale terminal complex and high tech distribution system.
- Strengthening the competitiveness of businesses through efficiency of management resources, such as maintenance.
Bucheon Techno Park will change the status quo of domestic industrial complexes, by creating pleasant working conditions, the promotion of business support for related industries through technological development, with the aim of making Bucheon Techno Park the "core institution for the creation of regional growth."

Thank you.